aka Drogon

  • I live in Just another random planet that has about 40 million things threatening it every second, so every moment of my life is miraculous because it's a wonder humanity is still a thing.
  • My occupation is Building friendships on the basis of sass, insults, inappropriate sexual humor, mystery, and cynicism.
  • I am soaking my hair in the blood of my enemies so it's always the brightest red, henceforth, I always "see red." Afterwards, I mix said blood with my tears.
  • Sassmaster15

    Hello HSW!

    January 30, 2016 by Sassmaster15

    Hellow HSW!

    My name is Anthony, and today I am discussing Super Bowl 50!  A true milestone!  Who do you think will win!?  My money is on the Panthers!  Comment below with your thoughts!

    Signing off,


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